Environmental and Social Responsibility

People, entreprise, planet

We are all interconnected – both between us and with our environment. We are committed as a business to respecting the environment. Workways comprehensively integrates the issue of environmental impact into the management of its buildings. We strive to respect nature by offering solutions to improve work, management of energy, water, waste, travel, and digital pollution. We go beyond complying with legal obligations in terms of environmental protection and we are putting in place real actions and tools in favor of sustainable development. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. This involves recycling waste and reducing the use of plastic, but also through responsible management of energy, promoting green transport and reducing the digital impact. Workways also calls on the individual responsibility of its inhabitants and promotes eco-gestures in the office such as saving water and energy, reducing digital pollution, garbage sorting and the use of dishes and sustainable packaging rather than plastic.

Re-invent and re-use rather throw away

We have taken a building and reinvented it rather than knocking it down and starting again. We believe in the power of imagination to reinvent new uses for what exists already.

Renovation eco-friendly

The renovation was carried out according to the rules of art and with ecological concern.

Wood, Sisal, Stone, Organic paints, cotton. Zero plastic material. We choose materials as close as possible to nature, from eco-managed or recycled forests, while respecting the environment.

For the purchase of electrical equipment (IT equipment, coffee machines, refrigerators, printers, televisions, etc.), we have favored reconditioned and energy-efficient models.

Biophilic design

The spaces and equipment are oriented towards nature, and apply the concept of biophilic design: Nature is experienced outside and within our spaces: surrounding trees, plant walls, vertical gardens, nature corners, natural light, waterfalls and essential oil diffusion that purify the atmosphere and make us happy.

The well-being of workers is extended thanks to the many facilities available: adapted furniture,coffee corners, kitchen, lounge corner, library, terraces, gardens interiors, quiet room and sport facilities.

By choosing workways, companies become eco-responsible and human-responsable. They show their ecological awareness to their customers and they are concerned for the well being of their team. It shows that it is possible to combine growth, respect the environment and kindness to the people who make it up.